Fortnite's First Birthday Takes the Cake with Exciting New Rewards

Fortnite's First Birthday Takes the Cake with Exciting New Rewards

The megahit video game Fortnite is celebrating its first birthday-which is why you've probably been seeing #Fortnite1st in your social media feed today. They include: playing matches, dealing damage to opponents, and dancing in front of different birthday cakes. Also, update 5.10 is going to be the start of the Birthday Event in Fortnite, with new challenges and more. Although the game is now up and running for many players, unfortunately many are reporting that although they can log in to Fortnite and play normally, the birthday challenges aren't working for them. The constant support that Epic Games has given to make sure that this game remains exciting while still keeping it free to play is admirable. Additionally, it is among the 3 new challenges and completing them all will reward players special items.

Epic Games is bringing another new submachine gun to Fortnite soon. Finally, if you complete three birthday challenges, you can unlock the emote, spray, and Backbling, respectively.

However, we can't get more specific than that.

Lastly for Battle Royale, players will be able to get hold of the Compact SMG that is a high-capacity, fast firing, up-close-and-personal weapon. You can find the full list of updates to both the Battle Royale mode and the single-player Save the World mode via the patch notes. YouTuber Bearly Regal has created a stunning video mockup that envisions what a Lego version of the world's biggest battle royale game might look like. Birthday Brigade Ramirez will be available to players who complete the Birthday questline in Save The World mode. These cake slices give +5 health and +5 shield instantly when consumed.

Developer Epic Games took to Twitter this afternoon and confirmed that Fortnite's Playground mode will return on July 25 following the 5.10 Patch update.