44 people shot within 14 hrs in Chicago

44 people shot within 14 hrs in Chicago

"We just have to do what we have to do in those challenged areas to make it better". "And it might get worse because you can hear people talking about revenge, saying on their cell phones 'I know know who did it".

"It's the same individuals who continually commit these crimes", he said.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked residents to report those they believe were responsible for the weekend shootings.

Police say weekend shootings in Chicago have left at least 11 people dead and about 70 wounded. Chicago police said a total of 66 people were shot from 6 p.m. on Friday to midnight on Sunday and 12 of those victims have died.

The victims ranged in age from 11 to 63, according to police.

"The police department isn't here to raise children, we're not".

The witness was very specific about the shooter walking away.

"If you know who did this, be a neighbor, speak up". "As long as we continue not to hold repeat gun offenders accountable for their actions we are just going to continue having these conversations on Monday mornings", he said. "I never hear people say these individuals out there on the streets need to stop pulling the trigger". Later Sunday morning, four people were shot, one fatally, in the North Austin neighborhood.

Authorities emphasized that the weekend shootings stood in contrast to a general decline in gun violence, where city figures show shootings down 30 percent and murders down 25 percent, compared to the same time previous year.

The crowd had gathered after attending a funeral reception, said Fred Waller, Chicago police chief of patrol.

He said that much of the weekend's violence was a result of gang members shooting at large crowds indiscriminately.

Even a block party was not safe from the violence. He proposed reversing one of mayor Rahm Emanuel's controversial decisions: closing mental health clinics in high-crime neighborhoods. Another 17-year-old girl is hit in the knee; an 18-year-old man is hit in the buttocks; a 19-year-old woman and a 14-year-old girl are hit in the hand. A auto drove up to the gathering and two people got out and opened fire into the crowd, hitting two more teenagers and a 25-year-old man. The people who were shot weren't cooperating with investigators, and the circumstances of the shooting weren't immediately known.

"These shootings are not random, they're fueled by gang conflicts".

McCarthy plans to run next February against Emanuel, who fired McCarthy in 2015 after the release of dashcam video showing a white police officer kill a black teenager by shooting him 16 times. Waller said shootings are down 30% from 2017, and murders are down 25%. Police have said violent crime has declined overall in Chicago.

Waller said police were sticking with their strategy targeting illegal guns.

According to a authorities, roughly 5,500 guns have been taken off the streets this year and shootings have decreased compared to last year.