Student's fake poster hangs at McDonald's for months

Student's fake poster hangs at McDonald's for months

The fake ad remained at the restaurant unnoticed for 51 days, but when Maravilla tweeted about it on Sunday, the prank went viral, receiving over 175,000 retweets and 705,000 likes.

"I think Asian representation is important and in the media, it's not equal [to] Caucasian [representation], for instance", said Maravilla, who is Filipino-American.

It shows the lengthy measures Jevh and his friend Christian took to producing the poster.

One day when Jevh Maravilla was tucking into a meal at his local McDonald's in Houston, Texas, an observation struck him. "There was a Zumba class going on and I'm sure they were wondering what we were doing". "I look up, and I see a blank wall and, and I tell Christian 'hey, what if we put a picture of us on there?' Look around, there's literally no Asians in any of these walls".

"I really hope they'll never take it down".

Then they ordered a 60-inch-wide, 50-inch-tall poster of the image and planned the execution of their prank.

On a YouTube video Maravilla posted in August after he first carried out the prank, he explained a little more about the motivation behind it.

Their plan involved purchasing a McDonald's golf shirt at a thrift store for US$5.99.

As of Tuesday morning, Maravilla told USA TODAY the advertisement was still hanging in the restaurant.

"McDonald's is a worldwide corporation so we wanted to make the biggest impact if possible", said Maravilla.

They edited the poster to have the same dotted circle design as the other ones in the restaurant. "That's the main goal".

In a statement obtained by, Pearland McDonald's franchisee Mariselle Quijano said, "We take pride in highlighting diversity in every aspect of our restaurants".

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