Atlantic Heating Up With Two Tropical Storms, Disturbance

Atlantic Heating Up With Two Tropical Storms, Disturbance

Hurricane Florence has weakened but will likely grow into a major hurricane as it nears Bermuda, the National Hurricane Center says.

Anyone along the east coast from Georgia, to SC, needs to "keep tabs" on Florence.

In the Pacific Ocean, while Tropical Storm Norman is not expected to hit Hawaii, Hurricane Olivia could hit the islands next week, potentially as a tropical storm, the hurricane center said.

It also would put Bermuda directly in Florence's path.

"We sent the alert out because we want to make sure the public was aware of the possibility that we could get this amount of rain", said Kelley, "That's a large amount especially within 24 hours".

With quick strengthening expected, keep it tuned to to the NBC2 First Alert Hurricane Tracking Team for the latest updates on Florence, and all systems in the Atlantic. It was moving toward the west-northwest. Large uncertainty in model forecasts make it too soon to determine the location, magnitude and timing of the storm's impacts next week. The disturbance, labeled for the sake of forecast modeling as Invest 92, has the potential to become a long-lived tropical storm or hurricane over the next week to ten days as it moves slowly to the west. And it's definitely too early to tell where they will go.

It is increasingly hard to predict where a storm will track as the time period is extended and the National Hurricane Center has released its predictions for the storm up until Tuesday.

The peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean is September 10, and right on schedule, the Atlantic Basin has come to life with numerous areas of concern.

This news comes only a day after tropical storm Gordon hit the U.S. Gulf Coast, claiming one child's life.

Long-range computer models project the storm to be near the East Coast by Thursday.

The executive order will help gather and move crops in and through the state more easily and quickly in response to problems that could be caused by Tropical Storm Florence in North Carolina and along the East Coast.