Texas Cop Who Fatally Shot Man After Entering Wrong Apartment Identified

Texas Cop Who Fatally Shot Man After Entering Wrong Apartment Identified

Dallas Fire Rescue also responded and took Mr. Jean to the hospital where he later died.

She was booked at the Kaufman County Jail and the investigation is ongoing, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

"I didn't know she was white until now", Jean said.

"We have nothing to substantiate those claims", Merritt told reporters at a press conference Saturday". "At this point, we need probable cause of a crime". According to the penal code, murder is committed when a person "intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual", or "intends to cause serious bodily injury and commits and act clearly risky to human life that causes the death of an individual".

"We're still dealing in America with black people being killed in some of the most arbitrary ways, driving while black, walking while black and now we have to add living while black", co-counsel Benjamin Crump said. Officer Guyger ran into a man who she didn't recognize and ended up shooting him.

Per CBS News, the Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation and have placed a manslaughter charge against Guyger on hold.

Botham Jean of Dallas was killed Thursday night in his own apartment.

Police Chief U Renee Hall said the day after the shooting that her department was seeking manslaughter charges against Ms Guyger.

Dallas police had said previously that it's believed Guyger mistakenly went to Jean's apartment, thinking it was her own, but that's a story that has sparked outrage and disbelief on the Internet and also from Jean's family.

Hall said she had spoken with Jean's sister and offered the family condolences. She is being held on $300,000 bail.

Guyger was in full uniform when she shot Jean, who was black, Hall said.

"We believe the fact that that has not happened yet is a reflection on deferential treatment for law enforcement officers", Merritt said.

The almost two-hour vigil ended with Allison Jean, Botham Jean's mother, saying her son "did everything with a passion", including serving the Lord. The state investigators, she said, said they needed more time to investigate. Ms Jean said over the weekend.

She said she met Jean when she first moved into the South Side Flats in April. "Couldn't tell exactly what it was", said neighbor Alyssa Kinsey. "He had a huge smile".

"How can you make a mistake like that, getting into someone else's apartment?" said 80-year-old Raquel, a resident who declined to give her last name.

"Now that we've turned that responsibility over to them, the ball is in their court to investigate and deliberate and come back with a decision", she said. "This is a tough situation, a unique situation". Ms Hall said the officer's blood was drawn at the scene so that it could be tested for alcohol and drugs.

It was unclear if Guyger had legal representation and she could not be reached early Sunday for comment.

Jean is black and Guyger is white. The company said he was an associate in its risk assurance department. They had served as Botham Jean's "Arkansas parents" during his time at Harding.

"This is a awful tragedy". "We are simply heartbroken to hear of his death". We understand the concerns of the community.

He was a song leader at the Dallas West Church of Christ, the location of his Saturday afternoon vigil.