Kim Says Summit With Trump Stabilized Region

Kim Says Summit With Trump Stabilized Region

Kim has gone all out to make Moon's visit a memorable one.

Otherwise, the flurry of inter-Korean summits and the much-hyped Singapore meeting between Mr Kim and President Trump this year will be seen as glossy photo ops, and the USA leader may begin to lose patience, she adds.

Moon's visit to the North Korean capital Tuesday, meanwhile, is the first by a South Korean leader in 11 years. Some of the South Korean artists accompanied Kim's wife, Ri Sol Ju, and Moon's wife, Kim Jung-sook, on trips on their visit to a children's hospital and a music university in Pyongyang.

Officials in the South insist Chairman Kim has promised to denuclearise North Korea by the end of Trump's first term as President in 2021.

Moon's office has said this week's summit talks will focus on how to achieve denuclearization, lower a military standoff between the Koreas and promote their ties.

Moon arrived in Pyongyang for his third summit with Kim this year.

The results of the talks weren't immediately available. The North's media said the talks would reaffirm their commitment to Korean peace, unity and prosperity.

Before the summit, Moon and Kim, with their wives, exchanged flattering words at Paekhwawon State Guest House.

This could be hard in South Korea, where many conservatives are deeply skeptical of North Korea's intentions and Moon's attempts to engage the North.

Mr Moon said he wants "to find a middle ground between a USA request for (North Korea's) denuclearisation and the North's request for corresponding measures such as ending hostile relations and security assurances".

During their motor parade through Pyongyang's landmark Ryomyong Street, a new residential district launched a year ago under Kim's initiative to modernise the city, Kim and Moon briefly stepped out of the vehicle to greet and take flowers from members of the crowd.

More than in their previous encounters, when the mere fact of meeting and resuming a dialogue was seen as a major step forward, Moon is under pressure to leave Thursday with some concrete accomplishments.

It took Moon only about an hour to fly from Seoul to Pyongyang. Those projects are now on hold due to U.S. sanctions. Before his departure he said he intends to push for "irreversible, permanent peace" and for better dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington.

The third summit comes as US-North Korea denuclearisation talks are in a stalemate.

Regarding the upcoming summit, Im said the fact that denuclearization was a major issue set this meeting apart from those held by past leaders of the two Koreas.

Given the tight global sanctions on North Korea, any new economic co-operation between North and South will depend on an easing of sanctions on the North.

On this trip, the two leaders are expected to discuss a host of issues, including economic cooperation, North Korea's nuclear-weapons program, and further steps to end the Korean War.

The summit talks began at the ruling Workers' Party headquarters where Kim and Moon were joined by two of their top deputies - spy chief Suh Hoon and presidential security director Chung Eui-yong for Moon, and for Kim, his sister, Kim Yo Jong, and senior Workers' Party official Kim Yong Chol, according to Moon's office.

While North Korea claims it has destroyed its main nuclear test site and stopped its missile tests, U.S. experts believe the country continues to develop weapons in secret.

There is a possibility of the president watching the "Brilliant Fatherland" mass gymnastics performance unveiled by the North on the occasion of its 70th founding anniversary earlier this month following the summit talks or art performance.

Their second inter-Korea meeting came in May, in the lead-up to the summit with Trump.

Nuclear diplomacy between the USA and North Korea has stalled and questions have been raised about how serious Mr Kim is after his vague commitments to denuclearise.