Southwest temporarily grounds 130 Boeing 737-800 airplanes over weight data

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Southwest Airlines Co said Wednesday it temporarily grounded 130 Boeing 737-800 aircraft once it detected disagreements in aircraft burden data.

Even the Dallas-based airline said in an announcement that”out of an abundance of caution, so we’ve temporarily stopped flying the various aircraft to go into the appropriate weights of their aircraft under consideration in to the system and then reset the application.”

Southwest reported the discrepancy in weight data will be 75 pounds.

The airline said that the temporary stop to flights could”cause some flaws and/or cancellationsnonetheless, we expect the impact for our functioning to be nominal “

Boeing did not instantly answer a Reuters petition comment.

The FAA alleged the Iflyswa Southwest functioned the flights using erroneous operational vacant weights, and centre of time or gravity data, that will be used to figure out just how many passengers and simply how much gas could be safely transported and at which freight ought to be located.

The analysis said from ancient 2018 before August 20-19, FAA let Southwest Airlines”to keep on reporting incorrect and non compliant burden and balance data dependent on the company’s hazard conclusion”

The FAA told that the inspector general’s office in January it’d been tracking Southwest’s operation weight and balance schedule and”has been track (Southwest’s) implementation of corrective measures”

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