PUBG Relaunch in India – Dates and details

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PUBG relaunch in India is still a big question. Recently there are some indications that the game will be soon relaunched in India with a new format and form. But, there are some questions.

Ripples and PUBG relaunch in India rumors

After it was banned PUBG fans were waiting for the next announcement. Some fans were creating hype by posting any news or even gossips that supported the idea that PUBG will soon be relaunched in India.

A few days back they released trailers saying that PUBG is coming back. This is something that created ripples across the nation.

India as a nation is divided over PUBG. Some are against it because this is not just an app but a Chinese app. On the other hand fans love this game and for them, the game should be kept away from any type of politics.

But, the question still remains unanswered. When will PUBG be launched again? What is the real date for the relaunch in India?

PUBG has been creating more similar ripples in the past. A few days back they let the public know the changes they are making to get back the approval in India.

On Diwali, their Instagram shows the message “PUBG mobile coming soon” But, no specific date was announced.  Similarly they allowed limited download on their official website, but for some the apk file did not work on their mobile devices.

PUBG relaunch in India – Few questions

Our expert team have two questions to ask about the PUBG relaunch in India.

1- Is this all gimmicks by PUBG to keep the heat on. Because, most of it might not have been lost after the ban.

2-  Will the government approve the re-launch? Because until and unless, the Central government do not approve the app cannot be launched in India.

And as of now it is difficult to say because the government banned it as a protest to China. So what has changed between then and now that can trigger the approval?

Important advice

PUBG fans should keep their fingers crossed. And keep their excitement under control.

There are many fake versions of PUBG that are dangerous. They can rob your data. They can scam you. So just wait for the official announcement from the Government.

it is important to note that If PUBG is able to convince the government and the government experts are satisfied with the changes, then both sides will make an official announcement.

We will advice that you should wait until the original version is launched on the app store.

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